About Pharmiva 

Pharmiva is a med-tech company that develops innovative and antibiotic free products aimed to improve vaginal health. Being part of the quickly growing FemTech industry, Pharmiva caters to an urgent medical need that has previously not been prioritized. Through effective and antibiotic-free treatments, our goal is to reduce the suffering of millions of women affected by vaginal infections, and at the same time, counteract the globally increasing development of antibiotic resistance. 

About Vernivia ® 

Pharmiva’s patented drug delivery technology is a unique invention with great potential. The technology can be combined with various substances and used as a treatment for several common intimate discomforts.  Our product Vernivia® has the potential to become the first go-to, over-the-counter treatment with clinically proven effect against bacterial vaginosis, and has the additional advantage of being antibiotic-free.