Medical innovation
in women’s health

Pharmiva in short

Pharmiva is ISO certified for design, production, marketing and sales of medical device products in women’s health.

We are dedicated to develop and commercialize novel medical solutions to common vaginal health problems.


of all fertile women are living with bacterial vaginosis, the most common intimate infection with associated symptoms like abnormal and malodorous discharges.

The Technology

Pharmiva’s patented local drug delivery system Venerol® stabilizes compounds that otherwise would have been degraded.

Our first clinical study on bacterial vaginosis patients showed very promising microbial and clinical results.

Need of innovative solutions

Diminishing lifetime of antibiotics due to accelerating antimicrobial resistance

“No major therapeutic advances have been made in over 20 years. Approaches that restore woman’s healthy vaginal health are much needed in order to prevent bacterial vaginosis and its consequences, including transmission and acquisition of HIV and preterm birth”.

Bradshaw and Brotman, BMC Infectious Diseases, (2015) 15:292

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