Pharmiva will cure bacterial vaginosis – without antibiotics

Insikt Medicin interviews our CEO Christina Östberg Lloyd about her new assignment, the benefits of the technology platform Venerol® and the possibilities in future, effectively treating bacterial vaginosis without the risk of antimicrobial resistance.

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Microscopic diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal secretions contain epithelial cells, so-called clue cells covered with bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis, 3D illustration


Christina Östberg Lloyd joins Pharmiva as new CEO

We are very pleased to announce that Christina Östberg Lloyd has started her new assignment as Pharmiva’s new CEO. Christina is a MD, specialized within gynecology and obstetrics, and has a long experience from leading positions in international life sciences companies (Novo Nordisk Scandinavia and Ferring Pharmaceuticals). Also, she holds the position as chairman of Life Science and Health in Skåne (FIRS) and before that chairman of Governing board Swelife (strategic innovation area VINNOVA). Christina is strongly committed to women’s health and finding new medical solutions to common problems affecting women’s vaginal health.