Innovation driven company

Developing novel medical solutions

Pharmiva is an innovation driven company focused on providing solutions to common medical problems related to women’s health.

From the basis of our expertise in research and development of medical products for local treatment, we develop and market patented medical products.

We’re committed to finding solutions against the increasing global threat of antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics.

Solid experience in

Women’s Health

Lund-based Pharmiva was founded in 2015 upon the decision to commercialize innovations based on the patented technology platform.

Today, Pharmiva is ISO certified for design, production, marketing and sales of medical device products in women’s health. We are dedicated to develop and commercialize novel medical solutions to common vaginal health problems.

We are in our mission committed to reducing the threat of bacterial tolerance development to antibiotics by offering alternative treatment methods.

Next step, moving into


Based on the technology platform Venerol®, Pharmiva’s first product is a medical device against bacterial vaginosis.

Not yet available on the market, this OTC (over-the counter) product, offers a novel medical solution to non-antibiotic treatment of intimate infections in women.

The Venerol® technology platform is an excellent base for stabilization and delivery of a range of compounds that otherwise would have been degraded or not suited for local treatment, lending itself to further possibilities to grow the product portfolio, beyond the segment of intimate infections in women.

Highly Dedicated

We specialize in local treatments and delivery technology, developing and marketing new innovative medical solutions in women’s health.