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Pharmiva is a Swedish company active within FemTech that develops innovative and antibiotic-free treatments to improve vaginal health. The Company’s first product, Vernivia®, is a CE-approved, over-the-counter vaginal mousse for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV); a common vaginal infection that affects 1 in 3 women between the ages of  14–49 years. Vernivia® vaginal mousse provides women with an effective treatment that cures the infection and provides a rapid symptom relief without problematic side-effects that are associated with current antibiotic treatments. The launch of Vernivia®, through Swedish pharmacies, marks the first step towards Pharmiva’s goal of becoming a global FemTech company, with a broad portfolio of antibiotic-free products for vaginal health. Together, the employees at Pharmiva have broad experience and knowledge from the life science sector, in the fields of therapeutics and product development. 

Pharmiva is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, for more information visit  www.pharmiva.com

The partner Fondkommission AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser, (telephone +46 317 612 230) ,  www.partnerfk.se

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Carlsquare Equity Research sees positive signals for Pharmiva’s product Vernivia and publishes update of its initial analysis

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Anna Linton

CEO since Augusti 2022

General info:

Anna was born in 1971 and holds a B.Sc Pharmacology from Uppsala University.


Anna has over 20 years of experience in the development, commercialization and distribution of pharmaceuticals. During the last ten years, she has been responsible for Life Science companies in an expansive phase. Anna comes most recently from a role as CEO of Unimedic Group which develops and distributes specialist medicines, the company is also a contract manufacturer of medicines. Previous assignments include positions such as Nordic Head of Recordati and Nordic CEO of Grünenthal, as well as leading positions in commercialization and sales at Abbott, Wyeth and Pfizer.

Andra pågående uppdrag:

Milmed Unico AB (commissioner)

Holdings in Pharmiva AB:

70 106 shares

Board of Directors

Malte Zaunders, styrelsens ordförande

Malte Zaunders

Malte Zaunders Chairman since 2020, director since 2015

General info:
Malte was born in 1975 and holds a M.Sc. in Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and London Business School.

Malte has been involved in Pharmiva since founding. He has more than 20 years of advisory and investment experience from JP Morgan and Zolfo Cooper (London, UK), among others. Currently, he is a Managing Partner at AZ Growth Capital and Hortus Group.

Other ongoing assignments
AZ Growth Capital AB (Chairman), Hortus Group AB (director), Link Group Europe AB (director), Crunchfish AB (director), Adrenaline Travel AB (director). 

Holdings in Pharmiva AB:
569 841 shares directly and 53 941 through endowment insurance 

Not independent in relation to the Company, independent in relation to the owners .

Ingrid Atteryd Heiman

Ingrid Atteryd Heiman

Director since 2020

General info:
Ingrid was born in 1958 and holds a M.Sc. in Economics from Lund University, Sweden and an MBA in International Business from Uppsala University, Sweden and StyrelseAkademiens ordförandeutbildning.

Ingrid has more than 15 years of experience in the self-care market, as CEO and Chairman of Svensk Egenvård and its European counterpart, and as CEO and Chairman of Ellen AB. Ingrid also brings experience from several listed life science companies on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and Spotlight Stock Market

Other ongoing assignments:
 Redwood Pharma AB (director), CarpoNovum AB (director), VitalSign AB (director), Parkinson Research Foundation (director and administrator officer).

Holdings in Pharmiva AB:
2 000 shares

Ingrid is independent in relation to the Company and its management, as well as to the Company’s major shareholders.

Ulf Blom

Ulf Blom

Director since 2020

General info:
Ulf was born in 1965 and holds a M.Sc. in Economics and is a certified pharmaceutical consultant with courses in strategy, leadership, governance and due diligence.

Ulf has more than 20 years of experience from pharmaceutical companies such as Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca and ALK AS. He has spent the last 13 years in the biotech industry as EVP Marketing & Innovation at the Nasdaq-listed company Enzymatica at Ideon Science Park in Lund, which he also co-founded. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Enzymatica Care AB and previously held a position in listed Idogen AB. He also owns a financial company, MedZyme Invest AB. 

Other ongoing assignments
Enzymatica AB (EVP Marketing & Innovation), Enzymatica Care AB (director) 

Holdings in Pharmiva AB:
7 815  shares through companies 

Ulf is independent in relation to the Company and its management, as well as to the Company’s major shareholders   

Kristina Ingvar

Director since 2020

General info:
Kristina was born in 1972 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Medicine from Lund University and a Certificate in Marketing from Executive Foundation Lund.

Kristina has over 20 years of experience in Life Science. She works as Head of Quality and Registration in the management team at Bonesupport AB, a medical technology company active in orthopaedics listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.  Previous experiences include global leadership roles in quality and registration at Novo Nordisk A/S, a multinational world-leading diabetes pharmaceutical company listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen and the New York Stock Exchange. Kristina also has experience in marketing and product development. 

Other ongoing assignments: 
Tanketanken AB (CEO, director), Gamify AB (director), AB Stillingsöns Intressenter (Lay auditor) 

Holdings in Pharmiva AB:
40 000 shares 

Kristina is independent in relation to the Company and its management, as well as to the Company’s major shareholders  


Andrea Mildner

International Partner Manager

Rob Swinnen

Quality | Regulatory | Safety Manager

Marie Bolin

Brand Manager


tel: +46 733255526

Madelene Åberg Andersson

Production Manager

Lisbeth Svensson

Development Manager

Medical advisors

Helena Kopp Kallner

Senior Physician at Danderyd Hospital, 

Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet 

Emma Karling Widsell

Midwife at Danderyd Hospital maternity ward. Together with Carolina Tristen, she makes a podcast about involuntary childlessness, “Ivf-podden”, and has been a regular expert on the subject in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon. 

Rebecka Kaplan Sturk

Specialist in obstetrics/gynaecology, certified nutritionist, Acting Editor in Chief of Praktisk Medicinnekologi , diplomerad kostrådgivare, Tf. chefredaktör Praktisk Medicin.

Per-Göran Larsson

Associate Professor and Senior Physician

Isis Amer Wåhlin

 Founder and CEO 2Heal Medical

 Senior researcher Karolinska Institutet and RISE (Research Institute of Sweden)

Senior physician in obstetrics/gynaecology

Christina Östberg Lloyd

Specialist in obstetrics/gynaecology

Senior Vice President Reproductive Medicine & Maternal Health Ferring Pharmaceuticals 

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