Sustainable health

Pharmiva’s sustainability work has its basis in our mission – to provide women with access to effective antibiotic-free treatments for improved vaginal health. By offering effective alternatives to antibiotic treatments, we can work towards reducing the development of antibiotic resistance, globally. 

A global problem 

According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, increasing antibiotic resistance makes infections more difficult or even impossible to treat. This is an issue of great concern as it results in severe suffering for patients and additional high costs for the healthcare system. Today, healthcare has a dependency on effective antibiotics to reduce infection risks for, e.g., cancer treatments, transplants and operations. It is therefore important that antibiotics are used only when other options are not available.1  

Safe for the environment and the users 

Vernivia® is based on naturally occurring ingredients such as crystalline monoglycerides and the stabilizers hydrogen peroxide and lactate. Product manufacturing is performed by open and transparent partners, who actively pursue sustainability. 

We carefully follow ethical guidelines in our research programs, business relations and policies. 

Pharmiva provides medical products that can be managed safely both environmentally and by users. This is done through systematic quality work that take responsibility for both users and the environment.