Roadmap to IPO

Pharmiva has recently raised just over 11 MSEK. The money will be used to continue building the organization, prepare the market and start a clinical study in bacterial vaginosis. The plan is to go public in April next year, and to achieve this, additional financing is needed. This is stated by our CEO Christina Östberg Lloyd for Rapidus.

– It was full focus and acceleration that applied from day one when I joined the company just over two months ago. It turned out to be the right priority and it feels very good that we managed to complete the investment round in just a few weeks, she says.

The product, which is intended to cure bacterial vaginosis and is already CE-marked, will be included in the clinical study that starts next year. About 30 percent of women in childbearing age suffer from this genital infection that cause malodorous discharges and social stigmatization. In addition, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, miscarriages and premature birth in pregnant women increases. Today, bacterial vaginosis is usually treated with antibiotics, but Pharmiva’s product is completely free from antibiotics.

Pharmiva has now raised a total of SEK 60 million from external investors over the past five years, according to Christina Östberg Lloyd. She states that the company has just over 60 shareholders.