Effective treatment of infections
without antibiotics

Short-term, our primary focus is launching a product against intimate infections in women. Hence offering an effective treatment without the risk of contributing to the development of antibiotic resistance.

Additionally, our technology platform itself offers a wider potential and is a key component in our product portfolio.

Lead Product

Pharmiva’s first product is an antibiotic-free OTC (over-the-counter) product, for treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis.

Our Technology

Our patented technology platform Venerol® is a thermoactivated formulation, based on naturally occurring substances and crystalline lipids.

This delivery system presents a great potential for stabilization and delivery of a range of substances that otherwise rapidly would have been degraded and therefore not suited for local treatment.

Venerol® can stabilize both hydrophilic and hydrophobic (i.e. water and fat-soluble) compounds that otherwise would have been subjected to degradation. Another aspect to Venerol® is that the formulation also may protect photosensitive substances from degradation by sunlight.

In combination with pharmaceuticals, the technology platform offers efficient treatment possibilities to common medical problems in women’s health and beyond, without the risk of extensive drug exposure and potential unwanted systemic adverse events.

first product

Pharmiva’s first product is a medical device product, allowing an effective treatment alternative to antibiotics, without the need for prescription.

The product is in the form of a vaginal mousse, which is an innovative formulation from what’s currently available on the market. The mousse is thermoactivated just below body temperature, coating the mucosa and slowly releasing the compounds after application.

In-vitro testing and the first clinical study showed substantial effect on harmful bacteria. The clinical study also demonstrated an increased number of naturally protecting lactobacteria, as well as symptom relief and clearance of bacterial vaginosis

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of the technology platform


  • Stabilizes compounds liable to oxidation.
  • Utilizable for both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds
  • Protects photosensitive substances

Enhances the effect of several antimicrobial compounds


  • Effective distribution and delivery
  • Thermo-activated release

Enables local treatment, minimizing systemic exposure and potential adverse events

How it works

Stabilization of hydrophobic compounds

The delivery system is built upon monoglycerides, crystallized in water. At higher temperature the components form multilamellar vesicles and hydrophobic compounds can be dissolved among the fatty acids.

Below body temperature the formulation will restructure into lamellar solid crystals. The drug is broken away from the entity and passed into the water. Since the monoglycerides are amphiphiles, they will attach to the hydrophobic compound and cover it in multiple lamellar layers, protecting the active compound from the environment.

Pending on the formulation, the temperature of melting the crystals and subsequent release of the active compound can be adjusted specifically for its delivery site.